SafeKids USA/Blue Dragon Taekwondo


SafeKids USA Tae Kwon Do School Grand Opening  December 16, 2013

Grand Opening December 16, 2013

Voted Best Martial Arts School in Western North Carolina

The SafeKids USA/Blue Dragon Taekwondo School, provides martial arts classes and self-defense courses to WNC communities and students of all ages. We offer world class instructions in the art of traditional Taekwondo and its practical applications. Our studio or Do Jang in Clyde, NC is safe, clean, and spacious, providing the ideal atmosphere for our martial arts classes.

Led by our 4th degree Black Belt Headmaster, with 30 years experience in Taekwondo, Sa Bum Nim Marshall Hale, we first started classes in August of 2008 at the Haywood Hospital Fitness Center in Clyde, NC. Our first color belt testing took place on November 15th 2008, and our first Black Belt class graduated on November 5th 2011. Over the years, our classes have grown and finally on 2013, moved to our new location.

Our martial arts classes are designed for molding students into future leaders, with a lot of confidence, focus, discipline, and self-esteem.

Our Taekwondo school is family owned and operated, providing a personal and prompt level of service that you will not receive at any other martial arts facility in the area. We have students from Haywood County and WNC communities. We welcome anyone, from anywhere, whom might be interested in martial arts.

We would like to respectfully dedicate this site to the memory of Grand Master Young Soo Do, for his commitment, teaching excellence  and great contributions to the art of Taekwondo. His legacy lives on.

This site is also dedicated to all those Taekwondo enthusiasts and other Martial Artists. Here you will find information about our Taekwondo classes, events and other interesting and cool facts about Taekwondo.


You don’t see the phenomenal character, discipline, and goodness that exists in Mr. Marshall, his team, and school just anywhere these days. We have tried a few martial arts programs. Each individual child is valued, respected, and inspired to do their personal best. The spirit and values here exceed the others. This is the difference between just being a program and being a true service to each child, family, and our community. We are so thankful for this program!
– Bridget Gossett

For ourselves and our young son, we went through a few karate schools in WNC. We checked out TKD schools in Asheville, Canton, Candler, and Waynesville. The best martial art school for children and adults, in our opinion, is here in Clyde. I believe Marshall is one of the best Taekwondo teachers in our WNC community. He’s very positive, encouraging, and just really great with kids.
– Parichatra Reuning, Owner, Maxfilings, Inc.