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Blue Dragon Taekwondo

Kids Afterschool Martial Arts Classes

Your child learns confidence and life lessons - with classes that are easy on your schedule AND your wallet!

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You won't find all this at other kids' martial arts schools!

  • Learn directly from certified master and school owner Marshall Hale
  • Small class sizes (8-15)
  • Learn safeguards against abduction & bullying
  • Parents can learn at the same time with their kids!

Children learn directly from Marshall Hale, World Taekwondo Federation certified Master Instructor and owner of Blue Dragon.

Marshall has been teaching for over three decades, including as part of the SafeKids program, which is dedicated to keeping kids safe from abduction and bullying. The benefits of karate, taekwando, and other martial arts offer many tools for life success. But choosing the right martial arts school is a big decision.

Blue Dragon offers the only martial arts afterschool program of its kind in Haywood County. Come see us and find out for yourself.

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Even our fees are different

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Unlimited classes

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Just one flat monthly fee

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Family discounts available

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No contract required!

For ages 5 - 105

It's never too early or too late to start learning martial arts. While we do offer separate kids and adult classes, we structure our classes so each participant can join and learn at his or her own pace.

Martial Arts FAQ


Karate... taekwondo... jiu jitsu... Which is best?

Each martial art has its own nuances and techniques. However, these martial arts programs all operate on similar principles that bring the same realm of benefits to a child. No matter which martial arts program a child enrolls in, he or she is going to be exposed to the concepts that help build self defense, self awareness, confidence, and self discipline.

Learn more about Taekwondo, America's most popular martial art

What sort of commitment will martial arts require?

Whether you can join us several times a week or just once a week, you will have access to as many classes as you wish to take. While your child will benefit most from a consistent schedule, we know that schedules and events don't always make that possible.

Our flat monthly fee lets you plan for the schedule that works best for your family, giving you and your child flexibility.

Can I expect my child with ADD to benefit?

Martial arts have been shown to help kids with ADD thrive when other sports programs have failed them. Dr. Diana H. Dunlap, a certified school psychologist and mother of a child with ADD, speaks on the benefits of martial arts from her professional and personal experience.

For many children with Attention Deficit Disorder, the dojang provides an ideal place to increase attention span, decrease distraction, develop motor and behavioral control, improve self-esteem, and build positive peer relationships. As a Certified School Psychologist, I have frequently recommended taekwondo instruction for ADD children. As a taekwondo instructor, I have seen ADD children make tremendous strides in their ability to sustain attention and control behavior. Finally, as the mother of an ADD child, I have seen the impact that taekwondo instruction can have on attentional and behavioral concerns on the home front.

Dr. Diana H. Dunlap

Marshall Hale

Tell me more about the benefits you see children gaining from martial arts involvement

You have probably heard of the many benefits of martial arts. Martial arts can teach us many life lessons that are not readily learned in today's lifestyles. Qualities such as these learned through the study of martial arts can give any child a chance for greater potential in life.

We incorporate in all our children's classes aspects of bully prevention, child safety and abduction awareness. Our students will learn how to react and when necessary, confront a bully or repel an abductor.

Recent research also points to benefits for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disorders.

Come and see us today!

Talk to us about your child's well-being and development.

We will show you around our martial arts school and introduce you to some of our current students.

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